Clean the mess &
focus on the Key Results

With the transparency, all objectives, key results and expectations are visible in Goalify. This enables your team to focus on the right direction.

Make the first move

Objective & Key Results

Focus on objectives and key results.

OKR helps you to align your business and individual’s purposes, enable you to focus all the effort on the same priority objectives. OKR also supports you to set a clear and measurable goal in your task and drive an effective performance process of each one in the company. OKR is used by world’s top companies so that they can connect everyone in their organization, let the employees know what matters the most.

To HR Department

Simplify the working process

No more troubles with tons of emails, worksheets, reports, etc. every week and month. Your HR operation becomes more efficient with Goalify. Moreover, this platform also saves time to concentrate on the most valuable resource which is your people.

Culture Engagement

Systemize core values of company

To inculcate core values and beliefs to your employees, bridge their understanding of the company's mission and vision. And to tighten the gap and adjust the values between company and staff.

Better workplace, better life

Goalify is more than just a tool for managers, this OKR-based framework also help you to increase productivity, improve company culture and provide inspiration to each employee.

Quick and easy to get all updates around the firm

Goal objective

Set ambitious, qualitative and actionable objectives for members or team.

Key result

Quantifiable, achievable key results will lead to objective grading.

Employee profile

Get to know one another easily with staff profiles and their activities in the firm.

Culture appreciation

Foster a culture of appreciation and collaboration with customizable core cultural values.


Never get lost in the company structure again. Employees know exactly what team, department they belong to.

Friends need help

Need help? Just express your needs then others will pick up to solve out

Anonymous feedback

Collect anonymous feedback to understand employees’ problems and measure their satisfaction.

Internal social network

Improve team engagement and help leverage internal activities.


Get updates on what is going around your firm. Announcement and more.

Real time leave apply

Apply for time-off will be easier than ever before, just by one click.

Real time statistic summary

Always know exactly what going on in the firm.

Let’s make workplace awesome again

Invite more team members to see that starting a team is really that simple.