Culture Engagement

70% of the employees do not feel engaged

Industry-leading companies are very serious about creating and bonding company culture and core values, they also believe that these elements are the root of every activity.

Employees do not feel engaged since the organization does not have a proper communication stream. Goalify’s Core value and Achievement feature will help you on connecting the dot just like the two most engaging activities of Facebook and LinkedIn: Like and Endorsement.


Achievement feature show an employee’s contributions to his/her colleagues or boss’s work. This will strengthen company’s internal engagement, encourage employees to effectively perform, dedicate and improve themselves based on company’s core values and objectives.

Every action performed in Achievement will be immediately and constantly updated on Activitie Stream which is observed by the whole organization.


Leaderboard records and publicizes member’s contributions to the organization

Your employees will be listed out in terms of their level, not lined up according to their scores. Therefore, no negative competition will ever happen between top players and lower-scored employees. This will encourage them to improve their level by achieving company values.

Admins are able to set up and name the levels fit for company culture.

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